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the green lantern and the George cladding

Peacock Façade & Floor

Established in 2014 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Peacock Façade & Floor swiftly rose to prominence as one of Canada's foremost importers and distributors of specialty building materials.

Our expertise lies in the provision of state-of-the-art ventilated cladding systems , Porcelain pavers, Granite pavers and fixed and  adjustable pedestal paver systems. These systems cater to both cutting-edge construction projects and heritage buildings seeking modern upgrades.

As the Canadian Building Code now mandates the inclusion of ventilated façades and outdoor green spaces, our offerings have gained significant traction. Esteemed for their high performance, versatility in design, and efficiency, our cladding and pedestal systems are the preferred choice of architects and builders across the nation.

At Peacock Façade & Floor, we pride ourselves on forging collaborative relationships with contractors, architects, and developers. Our mission is to integrate aesthetic design with practical functionality, ensuring every project we touch stands as a testament to quality and innovation.

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