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extruded porcelain stone cladding facades

Tempio cladding system

Tempio presents a sophisticated vertical open and horizontal overlapping joint system.

At its core are two distinct bracket types: one with fixed points secured to slabs and another with mobile points affixed to the façade wall.

These brackets can be anchored using a variety of methods, including mechanical anchors, plastic plugs, and screws.


The vertical "T" profile seamlessly attaches to these brackets using self-drilling tools.

This profile then serves as the foundation for the horizontal rail, which is expertly designed to support the FK ceramic cladding.

The combined elements of Tempio ensure a robust, yet aesthetically pleasing exterior for any building.

tempio fk system
tempio baguette sytem
tempio colours

Natural - Matte Enamel - Gloss Enamel - Inkjet Designs


National Building Code of Canada, gray gr2-20
tempio cladding gray gr1-10
tempio cladding black b5-10
tempio brown b5-10
tempio cladding white w00-20
tempio cladding ceramic white
tempio red r05-05
tempio cladding r15-10
tempio red r25-19
tempio red r25-25
tempio orange
tempio orange
yellow porcelain facade
yellow tempio cladding halifax
tempio yellow cladding

Matte Enamel

white madrid
white palm
ivory barcelona tempio design
gray foster em2123
gray arcadia tempio
gray princeton em2182
black columbia tempio cladding

Gloss Enamel

façades, wall cladding canada halifax
tempio cladding  white palm
tempio cladding ivory
foster grey gray tempio
gray grey arcadia
gray grey princeton
black columbia

Inkjet Designs

tempio cladding calcatta
tempio ventilated cladding canyon
tempio facade ek1006
tempio cladding ceramic canyon mix
tempio cladding stromboli light
olive woods cladding tempio
canyon creme tempio porcelain
cupra bone halifax
cupira marengo
cinnamon amazon
travertine tempio
red flamed halifax
anthracite halifax
woods nordic canada
stromboli silver tempio
sea rock camel panels
amazon honey tempio


Tempio ceramic ventilated façade has been met with great acceptance among architects and developers, thanks to its high quality, aesthetic possibilities and its thermal and acoustic insulation advantages.

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