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Placed under the base of the pedestal to allow you to manually set the slope direction by rotating the corrector relative to the pedestal. The slope value is up to 2°.


100 pieces per Box   (Full Boxes Only*)


  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Width: 190 mm
  • Slope angle: 2 degrees
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Operating temperature: -35 to 40 C
  • Country of origin: Turkey



karoapp adjustable pedestals allows builders and homeowners to create a stable and level deck on rooftops or damaged and unsightly concrete surfaces.


This will allow rooftop decks to be installed quickly and without damaging expensive roofing systems. 


Pedestals can support a variety of materials including wood, concrete, stone, or 2cm porcelain pavers; grating; and artificial turf to create custom looks and designs.


Pedestals create level surfaces over sloped areas and can be adjusted for height as well as slope.


They are commonly available in a range of heights and weight-bearing capacities to suit a variety of applications.

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