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The Wall Spacer is a retainer for mounting pavers along walls, also allowing for water drainage.


100 pieces per Box   (Full Boxes Only*)




Karoapp®  adjustable PEDESTALS are an effective modern solution for quickly installing frames and arranging all types of terrace coverings, pedestrian fountains, creating raised floors for public spaces, office spaces and server rooms. This system is an alternative solution that eliminates the need to produce a concrete screed to level the floor under the finishing coating and allows you to compensate for all surface unevenness and slopes without additional costs.    

A raised floor is a platform made of sheet or tile covering panels, which is supported by a system of adjustable supports. When installing such a base, the coating is laid with small indentations to ensure immediate drainage of water under the coating without forming puddles.

Karoapp® adjustable legs are ideal for temporary and seasonal structures such as restaurant and pool decks, stages and outdoor patios. At the end of the season, such structures can be disassembled until the next one, and special storage conditions are not required to store the supports.

This system allows you to create free space (from 18 to 1083 mm)  between the waterproofing and the coating for placing communications, utility networks and equipment with the ability to quickly access and manipulate them. The support elements are equipped with special grooves and holes for fastening communications above the base, which eliminates the possibility of damage to the waterproofing coating.

Each Karoapp® support has a load capacity of over 900 kg, and the support base width is 200 mm. Installation of supports can be carried out without mechanical screwing, if necessary - there are holes for fastening in the lower part of the support. Logs or slabs are placed on top of the supports, and under the influence of its own weight the structure becomes motionless. For the convenience and speed of installation of coatings on supports, special clamps ,  connecting strips ,  compensation spacers  and  tilt angle correctors have been developed  .

The use of a system of adjustable supports allows you to quickly create a coating of the required height without changing the height of the building façade and without overloading the surface for arranging terraces, open balconies, platforms and recreation areas.

The shape and design of the supports were specially designed for maximum ease of installation of the coating, which can be used as:

  • Tile materials from porcelain stoneware, polycarbonate, glass

  • Board made of natural wood and composite materials

  • Grilles made of metal and polymer materials

  • Metal and wood logs for laying decking boards

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